Jamal al-Din 'Ali Khalji

Jamal al-Din 'Ali Khalji
   A Khalji noble who rose to promi-nence during Balban's reign (1266-1286). He served Balban as his personal hajib during Nasir al-Din Mahmud's reign (1246-1266). In 1260, Balban had sent him as his personal representative to the Mon-gol court. After his accession, Balban appointed Jamal al-Din 'Ali a deputy to the amir-i dad. He again held the same office under Jalal al-Din Firuz Khalji (1290-1296). In the 1296 tussle for the throne, he supported Firuz Khalji's sons but was spared by 'Ala al-Din Khalji. Jamal al-Din remained for some time in the service of 'Ala al-Din Khalji as well.

Historical dictionary of Medieval India. . 2011.

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